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Catering to the needs of our students

ISAL Paris Langues was originally created in order to cater to the need of foreign students to become rapidly fluent in French language, to be capacitated to deal with everyday situations as well as study or professional agendas.

ISAL Paris Langues has rapidly developed its know-how in teaching and the transmission of language adapted to a variety of cultural differences of its students.

Learning a foreign language at ISAL Paris Langues, the certainty of rapidly attaining defined and concrete objectives, with a responsive team that understands your strengths and weaknesses, and puts all in place to attack obstacles to bring out the best in you.

ISAL Paris… languages and a design school

ISAL Paris is also a design school, in both fashion and design, an essential element of Parisian life and French culture. Joining ISAL Paris Langues will submerge you in the heart of French culture, its art of living and allow you to share a true experience in fashion and design in Paris.

Discover French culture with ISAL Paris Langues

ISAL Paris Langues is also there to assist you: find accommodation in Paris, participate in its French gastronomy courses, be a part of the ISAL cultural agenda and visit some of the finest museums of Paris, painting, photography, contemporary art, French contemporary fashion, cultural and historic sites of Paris, accompanied by professionals working in French creation.

With ISAL Paris Langues, submerge yourself in the heart of French culture, making the most of French lifestyle, fashion, luxury and Parisian design. Join us as ISAL Paris Langues to have access to the French touch in Paris!