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Discover our French ISAL programs 

French as a Foreign Language for everyone

  • Whatever your goal, ISAL Paris Languages will give you the options you need in order to :
    • acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to communicate easily in French or to live in France.
    • express yourself fluently in French in a professional or university environment, obtain a certificate or diploma, prepare for university studies in French.
    • learn and progress in French through a cultural activity.

Why learn French as a foreign language ?

With 274 million French-speakers, French is currently the 5th most spoken language in the world. It is the international language in theatre, cuisine, visual arts, dance and architecture. Knowledge of French will bring you an access to the original words of great works in French and francophone literature. French is the 3rd international business language, and the 4th Internet language. With 125 million French students in the world, second only to English, French is a hugely popular Foreign Language choice…

ISAL Paris Languages offers a range of different courses: intensive, extensive, evening classes, summer courses etc.