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Pedagogical aims – Acquisition of general French

You will learn vocabulary and common phrases in order to communicate in everyday situations (conversation, correspondence, getting an appointment…)

Course contents

Written communication: Levels A1 to B2

Improve your understanding of written language (press, literature, mail…) and improve your skills in written expression by developing your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

Oral communication: Levels A1 to B2

Improve your listening and comprehension skills and improve your fluency in oral expression (vocabulary building, correction of grammar use, improved pronunciation).

Course organization

  • Frequency

    3 hours per week – 1h30 each class (6 – 7.30pm), twice weekly.

  • Groups

    5 to 12 students, divided into corresponding level groups (Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced).

  • Duration

    Available options vary from 1 to 9 months. Groups receive new students once weekly.

Course fees

Evening courses, private class

Frequency : a 1 hour and 30 minutes class per week

Frequency : two 1 hour and 30 minutes classes per week