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Why learn Chinese?

For your professional career

  • China is a one of the world’s biggest economic powers, second only to the United States. The Chinese market is fast developing, with a current economic annual growth rate superior to 7%. China is fast becoming an essential key figure in the world economy.
  • Demand for experienced professionals speaking Chinese is ever increasing. A base level of Chinese will open many opportunities. Learning Chinese as a foreign language is a passport to your future.

For cultural interest and personal development

  • Chinese classes will allow you to take steps into understanding both Chinese language and culture. It is also another way of thinking, a new philosophy to discover, an entirely new way to see the world. The study of Chinese is also a way to hone visual memory.
  • Chinese is no so difficult as some would have you believe! Welcome to a language free from verb declination, or of gender or quantity indicators for nouns.
  • The writing system in Chinese and the pronunciation of sets of vowel sounds form the basis of learning Chinese. Written Chinese, complex and beautiful to the unfamiliar eye, is greatly simplified through an etymological breakdown of the visual characters.

Chinese classes for everyone

  • In France, the teaching of Chinese has taken off with over 33 000 students of Chinese. 10 years ago, this figure was at 7000, showing a 400% increase!

    In an era that sees the growth of China’s power, a good knowledge of Mandarin is the new key towards employment opportunities, the extra advantage that makes the difference. In the USA, Chinese has been identified as a « strategic language ». Imagine your professional profile when you speak English, Chinese and French!

    • 20% of the world population speaks Chinese and 11% English, after Spanish and French,
    • Employers seeking Chinese speakers goes far beyond employment in the commercial industry,
    • Written Chinese has also benefitted from communication technology that has reduced one of the greatest difficulties in Chinese, the written characters: using an alphabet based entry system, you recognize and select the required character,
  • Learn Chinese in Paris

    ISAL has launched the program « Chinese for all » to cater to the needs of all those professionals and students wishing to discover, learn and develop Chinese language with the best teachers.

    Personalized Chinese classes

    Because every individual has their own system of memory, visual and , ISAL offers a personalized program. Numerous timetable availabilities allow you to easily integrate the Chinese classes into your own personal schedule, whatever your level of Chinese.

    This study program aims to bring the student to a level allowing conversation in various situations that may arise in everyday life in China.

Our Chinese ISAL programs